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The Paintball gun will last much longer and need fewer repairs this is because compressed air tanks put less strain on the paintball gun.

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Cons of Compressed Air Paintball Guns Compressed Air tanks are a bit harder to get refills with mostly organized paintball fields, sporting good stores and some Scuba supply stores offering refills.In paintball tanks they(the manufacturers) mean Nitrogen or Compressed Air.

Nowadays, with a simple paintball compressor, you could fill your paintball tank compressor at your own will.

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Compressed air is a lot of the cheaper than Co2 but harder to find.The tanks enable you to use air when the compressor is not running.Make paintball more fun with your own portable compressor system.Blake, I see people talking about switching to compressed air.

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Choose from brands like Guerrilla air, Smart Parts and Ninja air just to name a few.We now provide hydro testing for Compressed Air and Co2 cylinders.

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Fewer stores are equipped to re-fill compressed air tanks and they require a specialized regulator to maintain a constant flow of the same pressure air.Source(s): 5 years of paintballing, and I asked the person at my Paintball shop about the same question.Compressed Air or Nitrogen Regulators that fit paintball compressed air tanks.PB Mechanix offers hydro testing services on ALL of our used Air Systems AND to the public.

Compressed air can be safely stored in a compressed air tank almost indefinitely, though a player who plans to travel with their compressed air bottle by airplane will have to first drain the tank, then remove the regulator to allow the TSA to visually inspect the inside of.Airsoft Paintball 550 CU IN PCP Cylinder 2018 Compressed Air Tank SCBA 4500Psi: Paint Ball Gun 550 CU IN Gas Cylinder Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank Mfr 2018.Our complete system solutions are right for law enforcement departments of any size, as well as paintball stores, fields and tournaments of all sizes.Paintball markers are powered by a portable compressed air, nitrous or CO2 compressed gas cylinder.Find out about all the different paintball compressed air tank brands on the market and get yours on sale today.With our retail and wholesale presence we are able to offer the Best Pricing on thousands of.

Solve your compressed air supply problems with Max-Air compressors and air tanks.However, your paintball is just going to gently pop out of your gun (or just roll out of the barrel.) In a typical firearm, you have the force of rapidly burning gunpowder providing.


For paintball tanks, the Mini Money paintball air compressor takes a mere 1 to 3 minutes to fill (4,500 psi) drastically reducing downtown if you are filling up mid-game.