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Confluence Bamboo Spey Rods are hollowed all the way through the tip and feature progressive tapers to produce rods that are light in the tip and well ballanced for enjoyable fishing all day.Guideline is a leading Scandinavian fly fishing tackle brand.The Alagnak River is a great place to go Alaska spey fishing with a spey rod.Superior fly rods, spey rods, switch rods, and fly lines designed to improve fly casting distance and accuracy.

Expensive materials and costly manufacturing processes have relegated this majestic fly fishing form to be but a footnote in fly fishing history.

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For many years Everwinner was a supplier (OEM manufacturer) to many famous fishing tackle brands, "TICA" was Everwinner's chance to establish themselves under their own label.Some fly fishing inventions do stir the pot, like textured fly lines, the new Spey and switch fly lines such as short scandi and skagit shooting heads, polyleaders.For instance, a 7 weight Spey rod will have substantially more backbone than a 7 weight single handed rod and can be confidently used for salmon fishing in the right fishery.) If the river boasts big salmon you want a rod that allows the fish to fight but also allows you to land it in a reasonable amount of time.

The joys of fishing for steelhead with a long rod in beautiful rivers in wild country.Emphasis will be on Spey rod use and sinking-tip line fishing.

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If you need basic knowledge or a brush-up on Spey Casting skills, we suggest signing up for a.Over the years the ECHO DH rods have helped more anglers become good two-hand casters than any other rods on the market.This is especially useful on wide rivers that offer challenges, like rapids, to traditional short-range fishing.With the preferred presentation being the swing, the spey rod is an ideal tool to use to catch the chum, silvers, and pink salmon that come over the shallow sand bars on their way up from the salt water.They created high performance Freshwater fly rods and Saltwater fly rods.

Our Hydrogen rod family is designed especially for the trout angler.The all-new Recon series of fly rods is designed with the adventure angler in mind.

The Element Spey series is perfect for the angler that appreciates a versatile easy casting rod.The rod you choose will greatly be determined by the size of the water, the size of the fish, and the size of the fly you will be casting on it.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing own products.

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Dating back to the 18th century, the original rods from the River Spey measured 16 to 20 feet long.Students should at least have moderate casting skills before this on-the-water class.

While a spey rod is a great tool for some applications, for the beginning spey angler it is a bit limited to swinging flies (casting downstream and across and letting the fly swing through).

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Spey Nation is the largest all volunteer Spey Clave east of the Miss.In my opinion, a Micro spey is a true switch rod because a true switch rod is a rod that can be cast with one hand or two.Fenwick has been manufacturing high quality rods for the most discerning anglers since 1952.Spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a Spey rod.

Spey rod shootout. Whatever. Consider this a Spey rod review in a shootout fashion that has taken place over years.

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When I am trying a new method or new type of reel I always bring back up.

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The Opti Power Spey rods work equally well with short heads (typical for Underhand and Skagit casting) or longer spey lines.Spey Nation is your online resource for everything about spey casting, and spey fishing.The distinctions between Spey, Switch, Baby Spey, Trout Spey, Micro Spey and Tinky-Winky Spey are blurry.

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High Performance Fly Rods designed for saltwater fly fishing and freshwater fly fishing.While on the other hand, a single hand fly rod will open up nearly all techniques for fishing your fly.

This was a typical April day of steelhead fishing on the Salmon River.

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You know this type of day, cold, a little rainy and river is up and flowing fast.The models feature the Balanced Reel Seat, which is 50% longer than traditi.Rods in the 8 and 10 weight range are typically reserved for Atlantic salmon fishing.

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